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…teehee. Well I guess one out of the two didn’t think the joke was punny at all🤣! Seriously speaking, one thing that they never tell you before you have kids is how often they get sick once they start elementary school! No joke! My kiddos were cold free until their first day in pre-school! What is it with those places that just wreak of germs?! So since this started happening and I aint got time to get sick, I searched and researched for the best vitamins for my kiddos that would totally make sense in a non confrontational way with them. I am looking for easy to digest and eat vitamins that the kids won’t be fussing about on a daily basis. and BAM amazon delivers! Smart Family Nutrition popped up, so we decided to get as many as we could so we could beef them up and have them already fending off these fiends before even school started. So far so good. The most they have gotten so far is a cold (that only L got which lasted maybe two days tops) KNOCKING ON WOOD AS LOUD AS I CAN WHILE THE HOUSE SLEEPS!*** And hoping it fends off even more. Also, with the boys doing more things indoors, it is a must that they have a continuous stream of vitamins like DHA, D and C!
A little about Smart Family Nutriton:

-Created by actual doctors!
Dr. Jim Sears is a pediatrician, author, speaker, and co-host of the Emmy-nominated show “The Doctors”. He’s passionate about the effect proper nutrition has on kids’ lives, and is focused on blending technology and patient care to meet the needs of the ever-changing industry.

Dr. Beurkens is the Founder and Director of Horizons Developmental Resource Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At her state of the art facility she leads a team of six clinicians dedicated to integrative treatment services, research on innovative treatment protocols, and professional training targeted toward pediatric patients and their families in areas such as autism, ADHD, brain injury, anxiety, and behavior disorders.

Susan is a creative and dynamic PhD research scientist with nutritional biochemistry experience in various industries, academia, and clinical settings.
A visionary in strategic research planning, implementation, and execution. Multi-disciplinary training in basic, applied and human clinical sciences, with extensive experience in biomedical research, experimental design, data management, statistical analyses, study interpretation, protocol development, and abstract/manuscript preparation and presentation.

and the best thing? THEY GIVE BACK! As a mom, who doesn’t like to support businesses that give back to our own? Come onnnn!!! You know you want to! and that made your heart go boom boom!

They seriously have a formula for anything you’d need! From DHA to eye vitamins to even tummy probiotics, we as parents are so stocked to have our cabinets full of these goodies to make sure the kiddos(and ourselves) are covered! They’re super easy to digest and the kiddos literally remind me in the morning it’s time for vitamins! With sports and the extra indoor time they are spending in school with winter approaching, being 180% covered is a necessity! Because every kiddo has THAT germy friend🍏.) Ps: They also have vitamin goodies for the parents! check them out on their instagram, their website, and direct link to shop!



  1. Thanks for sharing. My twins always complain abt how vitamins taste. And I’m like…just eat it and it’ll be over faster than you know, lol. I will look into this. How long have your kiddos been taking th vitamins??

  2. My daughter stayed having a cold all thru her toddler years because she was in daycare. Luckily she is one of those odd kids that actually enjoys taking vitamins.

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