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Hello There! I am so glad you stumbled upon my blog that I have made with so much love and dedication. Bear with me though, I am still so new at this. For so many years I have wanted to branch out and start a blog/IG but being a tad shy has held me back from doing so many things, including this, until one day something snapped. Im not in my twenties anymore and this is as good time as any to start something and not wonder what it would have been!

My Name is Maria, and I am the blogger behind @tinsleyandco. I an 33 years young and I live in Northern California, near SF, with my husband and three kids; Landon, Colton and Tinsley. Now you know who the inspiration behind my blog and ig is 😉 – I am a Regional Manager to a Marketing firm here locally, so while I have a full time job, I am blessed enough to be able to work from home while raising my kiddos, which I never thought possible, but my days are so so short, because I work around the clock, while maintaining housewife/mom/blogger duties on the side. It is not an easy feat I tell you! That’s why planners are life! and a little bit of Marie Kondo, and tons tons of faith!

Our kiddos have their own separate schedules, so it often feels as I am a soccer mom from 10-4, because picking up the child across town is a journey of its own! But not to worry, by the time the kids have settled down for their long winter’ or summer naps, I am finishing up whatever I couldn’t on on my job end. Then it is time to binge on some of our favorite shows… We were crazy for Breaking Bad, then The Americans, Last Man on Earth and lately, the Bachelor… HAHA! Love me some drama drama!

In my spare time, I try to fit in a bit of blogging and a bit of Instagram. I have been blessed enough to be able to do it since last June, going from 10 followers to almost 14k, and I am so glad to resonate with other mama friends that are going through the same journey as me. After all, all we are trying to do is to survive, while kicking butt at it! I hope my posts resonate with you and feel you have another friend you can confide in or talk to! So please, don’t be a stranger, and say hi! chances are, we live near and we can grab a cup of coffee sometime! Ok, maybe a virtual cup of Joe!

I love love love food! Specially calorie ridden breads, pastas, and cheesecakes, haha! so to me, love is the love language! I live for cold beach days (HELLO Half Moon Bay!), and most of all, I love my family and the blessed life we have. I have God to thank for each and every single blessing. I would love to learn something about you, so if you have the chance, say hello!


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