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Aaaaand, cue in the germs, allergies and overly dry rooms! Oh summer… How much I loathe ye! Just kidding, Summer is pretty rad when you’re next to a pool, with a bottle of coke on your hand, glasses on your head and a relaxing chair under you! What isn’t rad about summer, specially here in Northern Cali, is the dryness. Oh boy… Cue in June 20 and my house is coughing up a storm, sniffling times a hundred, and just miserable at night time! Our house gets mega dry because if we are not turning on our heater in the winter, we are turning on the AC to keep the house somewhat bearable, and it makes for an overly dry set of sinuses that scream HELP! Take it from me, Chronic asthma and sinus disease, my body just needs a beachy scene from time to time, but until real estate prices fall below the ridiculous millions, we have to stay put in the valley, but with the help of our nifty humidifiers! I partnered up with Crane USA to show you what your sinuses are missing! Think this… Wet sauna, but for your sinuses! haha, kind of? I mean who wouldn’t want a wet sauna in their house, right? put that in my “must” when I build my million dollar mansion, lol.

Crane USA, is a company based in IL, that provide relief to all of us sufferers! They make the cutest, coolest and most reliable humidifiers that emit subtle but effective mist into the air. Air pollutants are everywhere; Crane air purifiers help eliminate dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke, leaving germ free air in your home.  Sometimes you just need a cool breeze, and Crane fans let you direct fresh air into any room you need, whenever you need it. And boy, has it helped us! We own the Drop and personal humidifier with diffuser. So basically, you can have one next to you in bed, and take a personal one to work! The best thing about having a humidifier at home or wherever you are, is that when your sinuses are kept “moist”, they work better at avoiding congestion, post natal drip, allergens and even sicknesses. not to say this will never happen, but when your sinuses are healthier, the incidence of these pesky all year round conditions are less. Take it from us… Even when the Kiddos are sick, I’ve tested how they do with a humidifier in the room vs. none, and they get better so much quicker, than when the air in the room is dry.

They have humidifiers for everyone. From cute ones for a nursery, to cool colors for a tween, to neutral ones for us parents. They also have smaller ones, for smaller rooms, which can totally make a difference if you’re feeling it at work!

How cute are these?! We have the drop!

They also have a line of air purifiers! If you have kids, a house, AC, Heaters, pets, etc, you need it! Their prices are pretty competitive with other companies, but I must say CRANE is my go to. We got our first CRANE humidifier when Landon, my 7 yr old, got croup when he was a babe, and oh boy it helped. They were recommended by the ER nurse that attended to him and I haven’t looked back since! We got the Frog humidifier and we even used it in our room sometimes! So then we upgraded to the drop, and the kids eventually got one in each room and I must say having a humidifier and purifier at home is a necessity!

Last year we dealt with terrible forest fires, the even wiped out a whole town, our air was beyond dangerous, so this year we are equipped for a healthier home to keep away the allergens, and gross particles that are filtered in our home! check them out on their website!

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  1. These look so awesome! I definitely need to check out! Who knew summer allergies were a thing! But Jax sure has them 🙁

  2. I have little humidifiers in many rooms in my house because it’s a very open floor plan. I love them, especially in the winter though I run them all year round. I’ve not tried this brand. I might have to.

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