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Wedding Bliss, Wedding Keepsakes

Oh July, July. Such a special month in my life. For starters, on a hot & summery July 3rd, 2007, I started dating this hunk who went on to become my husband. Although this date is disputed! He says it was July 4th when we went to see the premier of Transformers. Haha! oh we are so old!, but I see it as when I asked him on a nonchalant date to see pre fourth fireworks. He got lost on the way and ended up canceling but we met up at a TGIF Fridays, which no longer exists in this part of the woods. We had other friends with us and kept giving hints we wanted them to leave, but no one got the hint. That night we spoke via AIM (Remember, a/s/l ? LOL) for hours on end, even though we had to work bright and early the next day, and we worked together! Anyways, July also represents our wedding anniversary! We had planned on getting married sometime in early 2012, but we had a little bundle of joy make his appearance a bit sooner than expected, so we moved it to July 21st, 2012 at the most darling and beautiful venue in a Golf Course, east of our town.

Every year this time comes up, I often think of the things I wish I did and didn’t do. For example, I feel I put too many things under my arm to do… I am a creature that never asks for help, maybe because I am too strict on how I want things done that I think I can just do them myself. Well, some of those things I regret are skimping on flowers, skimping by not hiring a make-up and hair person, not hiring a nanny for my little one, and skimping on wedding invites. I went with the cheapest, most minimal one, and I regret it. I think I might have a sample stashed somewhere, but I wish I picked a more elegant one, since this will be done only once, right?! I am definitely a snail mail girl. I love love snail mail and I often send thank you letters after birthdays and other celebrations, and I appreciate a well made invite, thank you note and stationery!

So recently I stumbled upon a paper company called Basic Invite. They have the cutest stationary, wedding invites and announcements and business cards! Where has this been all my life?! So being the creature of “what would I do different if I went back in time?”, I decided to browse their wedding invite section, and oh boy… I am in love! Seriously, can I get married again?! or do a redux on those invites?

I mean look how gorgeous these are! the lettering and envelope are absolutely perfect. and their save the dates are stunning!

The coolest things that drew me to this website, were that when you create your wedding invite, save the date and thank you cards, you can choose almost any color on the wheel! and playing around in the website, it gives you an instant preview! The one thing I didn’t get when I made my own!

Another thing I didn’t get when I made my wedding invites? Getting a printed sample! I mean this can save brides hundreds when picking and choosing THE invite! And another cool thing are their envelopes. They aren’t basic like in other websites. They have over 40 colors you can choose from. Win!

Another thing I didn’t do, was ordering wedding invitation sets, simply because the website I used then did not have the option. So our Save the Dates, Invites, Wedding menus, and thank you cards were all different and they just did not match each other. If I could have a redux, this would be a must and this brand does offer them, so you know that will be taken care of completely! And if you want to save even more of you sanity, use their FREE address collection service! FREE! I don’t know who else does this without charging, but this service is amazing!

I also realized that they have a collection of wedding invites called Seal & Send which are an all in one wedding invite with a tear-off RSVP postcard. This feature just makes things so much easier! Basically, add postage and you just wait pretty for your RSVPs to come back!

I am absolutely loving how they offer so much and so easy for brides to get the perfect invitations dialed in before their big wedding date. I wish I resorted to a one stop shop like this when it was my day. It would have put aside so much stress! Their invites look so well made, so well thought of and I am in love with their elegant and dainty designs! And lets not forget about their stationary and baby announcements! That will be for another time though! After seeing their gorgeous stuff I decided to reach out to them, and I am honored to be working hand in hand with Basic Invite and writing this review. I am certain that if I were able to turn back into time, I would have chosen more wisely on this very small yet huge detail of every wedding! It is basically a reflection of your relationship, either modern or classical, pastel or bold, and your story needs to be shown!

Check out Basic Invite on their website & IG! I am certain that once you find your wedding invite, you will come back to them for baby announcements, business cards and even basic stationary!

Some must see links to their services:
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Did you have any “regrets” when planning your wedding? Dress? Invites? food? cake? Let me know below!

33 thoughts on “Wedding Bliss, Wedding Keepsakes

  1. Oh! another website to order invites for my son’s first birthday! Thanks for the tip! This will also be a must see for when we say “we do” as well! Thanks girly!

  2. Those invitations are so adorable! There are always things you wish you re did at your wedding! For me? It was not having a videographer. We had a relative do it and it turned out terrible, lol! All out of focus.

  3. I regret not having our dog there! I went to a wedding at the beach the other day and their puppers was the flower boy. Like, are you kidding me?! Take me back to my wedding day! Love this website! It’s so cute! Thanks for the tip!

  4. No regrets over here! But this girl has been married 20 years and didn’t have all of this at my fingertips… All of it is so gorgeous I don’t know if I’d ever be able to decide. <3

    1. I feel every year there are so many new things you can do! The websites available when I got married had very limited inventory!

  5. My biggest regret is making my invitations! I should have ordered them. But, now I always order invitations!! So this is perfect my son’s baptism is coming up so I’ll need to check out this website!

    1. Same girl! I ordered mine from the cheapest most simple website. Big mistake! I could have even done them better myself -_-

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous!! I think about this all the time, like what would I have done differently?

    1. I almost wish mine was like that! but everyone talked about our wedding months after! It was stressful but worth it? I didn’t even get to eat my cake! LOL

  7. The invites are so beautiful! I have seen invites in other websites, but these ones seem to be crafted more thoughtfully. You can see the quality. Time to pick invites for my little one! Loving the website!

    1. oh I feel you. I got rid of my wedding dress a WEEK before finding out I was pregnant with our daughter!

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