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Amazing SF Getaway at the Cannery!

Me before kids: When I have kids I will enjoy
every single second, every minute and
every day when they’re on vacation.
It will be so educational, so fun, so perfect.
Me after kids: Is it August yet?

HAHA! Please tell me that you relate! The kiddos vacation started and not even a week in, they were bored outta their minds, but too lazy to do any homework, too energetic to stay still, but too tired to sit down through a movie! So husband and I said “OK, time to escape the heat, drive a quick hour into the city and do a little bit of sightseeing we haven’t done in ages! So we were honored to partner up with The Argonaut Hotel in San Francisco, perched in the old 1900s Del Monte Fruit Cannery, at the end of the wharf, right by Ghirardelli Square and the beach overlooking old warships and The Golden Gate!

I cannot believe I have been in SF so many times, I could say I am almost a resident from afar, and I had never realized that this hotel was a must! I never noticed there was a hotel, with such a perfect location! Everything is within walking distance; Pier 39, creperies, In n out, shops, ice cream shops, museums, the beach, etc! We were lucky enough to get a view of the bay, cable car terminal, Ghirardelli SQ and the Golden Gate. Our room was gorgeous and so full of character as was the whole hotel itself. The whole theme was nautical, and it was perfect for a Pre-Fourth getaway! Checking in was an absolute breeze. As soon as we got there, the valet and bell men got our belongings and car (They have their own parking garage, so you know your car will be safe and sound!) and we checked in quickly. The lobby is absolutely adorable! Sail boats everywhere, board games the kiddos played while we checked in and to both sides, were Blue Mermaid, a cool chowder house and the Del Monte history museum. So cool to learn all about the Cannery in its “it” days.

We got the two queen bed room and it did not disappoint one bit! the beds were super comfortable and made to perfection! (Here comes anal mama telling them not to mess the pretty beds, lol!) As soon as we got there, kids were over excited, so we walked over to Pier 39 to show them the Sea Lions and have a quick cup of chowder. They were over the moon because they’d never seen those animals up close! We walked back to the hotel and settled for the night and breathe a sight of peace, lol! taking three kids on vacation is no easy feat! Once you’re outnumbered, everything goes down in the toilet, lol.

The next day, we chilled by the beach and walked other different piers, and stumbled on the old arcade where so many movies are filmed (Remember watching The Princess Diaries, when Mia takes her grandmother to have fun away the Royal Duties, and she wipes the games hand with her Hermes Handkerchief? lol)

And just when we thought our trip couldn’t get better, we were honored dine at The Blue Mermaid; A gourmet chowder house which is right at the hotel! We had the luck to meet their master chef, Erick Sison who told us about the history of the menu and cooked for us the most amazing Ahi Tacos, Plank Salmon and to end our stay, the most delicious Brownie sundae! The kids also got to color while they waited, and had the best truffle fries and burgers! needless to say, this restaurant is a must when visiting SF and the wharf!

By the end of our stay, we were two exhausted parents, but that post is for another time, haha! but we can’t thank Argonaut Hotel enough for having us and for making this week one we will not forget! We had enough time to visit many places, but wish we stayed a whole week! We had so much fun visiting the Aquarium By The bay, but did not have enough time for the Zoo, which I hear is a must as is the Oakland Zoo. Let’s be real. though… Anything is better than the Sacramento Zoo, lol.

Loved the exposed brick against the nautical decor in our room! reminiscent of the old Cannery grounds and SF’s maritime history!

We recommend this hotel if you ever visit SF. Why? It is perched right where all the tourists must spots are! Pier 39 was within a 5 minute walk, war ships, the most insane view of the bay and Ghirardelli square, all right outside the hotel… Oh and lets not forget the yummiest food at the Blue Mermaid, Best Ice cream right outside at Ben and Jerry’s and the most delicious Crepes, right within a few steps from the hotel. My advice is to go early in the week and avoid all the tourist masses that seem to graze the area in the weekends, and make sure you go when its a little warmer than usual. That area will never be hot, so pack a cardi or two, and make reservations for the restaurant, so you get a nice seat, and order the ahi tacos, chowders and dessert! do not skimp on dessert! haha! and if you can, make it a couple’s trip. But if all fails, the kids will have an absolute blast! Thank you to the Argonaut Hotel for having us. You did not dissapoint! The service was out of this world, the bed so cozy, amenities on point, and the view to die for! Want to see more about our trip? Remember to follow us HERE!

Must Places To Visit
Pier 39:
Boudin Bakery & Bar:
Aquarium Of The Bay:
Blue Mermaid Chowder House:
Wax Museum:
Golden Gate Park:
Ghirardelli Square:
Musée Mécanique:
Maritime Museum:
Cable Car Turn Around:
The Cannery:
Hyde Street Pier:
The Crepe Cafe:
Union Square:
Coit Tower:
Golden Gate View Point: https://www.inside-guide-to-san-francisco-tourism
Battery Kirby Beach:
Land’s End:
Sutro Baths & Cliff House:

Did I miss any must view places in SF? I’m sure I did! What is your favorite SF place? Tell me in the comments!

23 thoughts on “Amazing SF Getaway at the Cannery!

  1. Okay, I haven’t been in SF in ages and you’re making a want to come again! I can’t fathom taking my own monsters though! You are a soldier! I had no idea this hotel existed but I just added it to my list for when we go! What a fun read! Xx

  2. Awesome blog post! I love your picks! Don’t forget the shopping over on Market Street! Nordstrom, Forever 21, H&M, so many to count! Can’t wait to go back to SF! Christmas time is magical!

  3. I love the “tired mama” photo! I would be too taking my minis there! Seems like y’all had an amazing time! Never been to SF, but it’s in the bucket list! So lucky you live close! I’m in the Midwest in the middle of nowhere!

  4. After finding out that this was a hotel I could actually visit, I had to check this out! I have added this to our wishlist! It looks like such a beautiful place, but also so kid-friendly, and with so many options of stuff to do! Perfect for us 🙂

    1. Thank you Lynda, it was amazing, but we feel kids shoulda stayed behind to enjoy it fully! Lots of walking, lots of bars, restaurants, museums! views! But we had so much fun with kiddos in tow still! They are our forever companions!

  5. Call me crazy, but I have lived in the area over twenty years and I have never been to half of the landmarks you recommended! Crazy, huh? The Aquarium looks amazing! I will definitely pay a visit with the Kiddos soon!

    1. This happened to us when we lived in Tahoe! That whole year was the one year we didn’t ski, swam at the lake, or even hiked the beautiful Sierra! work took too much of us, haha! We loved the aquarium!

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