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Mother’s Day Picks!

Do you remember when you were younger, you wished you had everything you do now? Often we take it for granted but oh boy are we all so lucky. Th lucky few that are able to have children, the lucky few that are a mom in any form, whether through adoption, naturally, or even fur babies! I salute you all, because being a mother is no easy job. It is the most selfless thing we do as women and we do deserve some recognition darn it! This Mother’s Day lands right on my son’s 5th birthday and will forever be the most special, since he was indeed a Mother’s Day present! ever so affectionate and in need of hugs and kisses, he is our sweet sweet boy! This year we have also decided to escape to the lake and have some bonding time with just us kids and parents. Speaking of special things. I have come up with a few picks that will make any mom’s day more special!

#1: Skin Nation Super Sexy Firming Cream
#2: Horizon T10 Treadmill
#3: Magnolia Table Cookbook
#4: Tommy Bahama Difusser
#5: Tiny Tags Name Necklace
#6: Pixi Skin Treats Glow Treatment
#7: Schwinn Beach Cruiser

I absolutely love everything in here! I have been using Skin Nation and Pixi for some time now and I have noticed how much more supple my skin is! And let’s face it, after 30, things just start sagging! The Tommy Bahama difusser smells like heaven in a bottle! Doesn’t matter how large your living area is, you will smell it everywhere you go! My favorite scent is mango and also pineapple-cilantro. Yum! The treadmill is one item that I have been begging my husband for sometime, but it is just so hard to find THE one. I must say I have been spoiled at the gym and I can pick and choose which treadmill I want, and this is one that goes straight to the point without many distractions. The Tiny Tags necklace is an absolute must! I have one with my kids’ names and I get compliments whenever I am out sporting it! And finally, my ever loyal and comfortable Schwinn bike… It has taken me to so many fun activities, and it is so comfortable! I definitely made my husband get one for himself!

I hope you all enjoy Mother’s Day! are you staying in or going out?  Let me know what you think about my picks and if you have any of these already! Did I miss anything? Let me know!

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