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Celebrating Earth Day

If something made me be more Earth conscious was becoming vegan last year. The stint didn’t last more than three months as I somehow hit a bump that I couldn’t overcome. and boy how do I regret that. Now, I am at my unhealthiest, trying to get back into what I used to be. For one, it is on getting into a clean vegan and anti inflammatory diet to help with my asthma, and two, getting into gentler products and teach my children to leave Earth better than how they found it, right?! So today in honor of taking care of Earth and myself, I have pledged to get on with the vegan diet I once loved but left behind. and to buy products that are made with earth conscious ingredients! It is all about loving ourselves and the place we live in! So here’s to turning off the TV and going outside and play like there are no worries in the world, eating healthier and teaching the kiddos about sustainability and choosing to take care of what’s theirs!

Here are a few items I absolutely love and absolutely help our Mother Earth by using recycled and recyclable materials, products that will not create more waste and products made with natural ingredients!

Click here to shop Puracy
click here to shop Green Toys!
click here to shop Lotus Reusable Bags!

I absolutely love these three brands here! Puracy uses only 100% vegan and cruelty free ingredients in each of their cleaning products, which makes it so much safer for my kids to be around, specially since I am teaching them chores that include cleaning their quarters! Their fragrances are light and pleasant to the nose, and their cleaning supplies do the job! They’re hefty, but gentle at the same time and obvi, available at Target! Green Toys is also a favorite of mine, We have been getting these toys for years now, as they were available with my seven year old was a bebe! All of their toys are made with recycled materials, some with recycled milk jugs, and some with OceanBound Plastic, a sustainable product made from plastic at risk of entering our oceans along coastlines in global communities that lack recycling infrastructure. When it’s time for cleanup, collect all the pieces in the storage bag (made from 100% recycled plastic bags!). The holes throughout the bag allow water to drain out between uses. And finally, the Lotus Reusable shopping bags! Who remembers having a cabinet full of unused plastic bags! While they were useful for taking out random trash, hardly ever did they fit my trash cans! So when California made the ordinance where you needed to bring your reusables or get charged .10 each bag, I was there! plus these bags last you so long that you won’t need any other bag! basically prop on your shopping basket and open them a la file cabinet! you can organize your groceries by department, and its just so easy to place in the car and put away! All for organization and cleanliness!

Do you have MUST Earth friendly products you love? Are you turning off the lights today? Id love to hear your Earth Friendly hacks!

9 thoughts on “Celebrating Earth Day

  1. I absolutely adore the bags you have. The Lotus ones. They would be so fricken helpful haha and not to mention a great way to keep the earth a little bit more plastic free.

  2. What great products. Here in Japan, we already separate our trashes into different bags and in 10 different ways. It is confusing and annoying at times but it helps the Earth.

  3. What great suggestions! We have these reusable bags and they are such a great way to stay green. I think more people should use these.

  4. I’ve been seeing these shopping bags everywhere! I need to get a set of them. I have a lot of reusable bags but they are not as practical and cool like Lotus. For us earth day is every day!

  5. I’m trying to be more conscious about the products I buy. I’ve invested in stainless steel straws and stasher bags. I’m also thinking about buying wool dryer balls and reusable “beeswax” wrap. Even the littlest change can make a difference.

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