Easter Everything!

1. Hide and Seek Bunnies in a Carrot Pouch: $24
2. Bunny Rabbit Babies: $7
3. Little Lan Yatch: $25
4. Nils and Goose Felted Doll: $20
5. Peeps Chalk: $2.99
6. Plush Easter Basket: $10
7. Easter Parade Book: $5.74
8. My First Bible Stories: $8.99

Can you believe it is almost April? It feels like yesterday that we were wrapping up the Christmas presents at indecent hours, so that the kids wouldn’t see that we were doing Santa’s job! Holy cow, this year has already gone extremely fast! And while we have had the longest winter yet, (Hello PNW… I wished for your weather and finally having it!), I am still not ready to say hello to spring! I feel this year has gone way too quickly and there are so many things I feel Ive forgotten to do! I mean, The Bachelor already ended and we’re getting ready for Bach in Paradise! Whaaaat! and before we know it, and maybe you are already there, the kids are will be out of school for a whole week! or two? For Spring break! Gaaaah! And before we know it, it will be Easter! Hiding the eggs and eating the rest, Assembling Easter baskets, ohh how fun is it to be a parent! If only it was acceptable for us to assemble our own baskets haha! What would you fill it with?! Id fill mine with money, chocolates and Coca- Cola LOL!

Here’s a few ideas on stuffing your littles’ baskets! I am a big lover of finding great Montessori or Waldorf toys along with one or two bible stories for the littles to read on and remember what Easter is all about! I found some toys by a great brand that sells the most darling Waldorf and Montessori toys, called Bella Luna Toys! and ovbi I added some Target finds in the mix! Let me know if I have missed anything that is essential to an Easter Basket! I hope ya’ll have a blessed and family filled Easter! What are your plans? Eating with family? Church service? Getaway? Let me know! As always, Please follow us on the Gram!

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