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Who is more excited than me to get fresh ingredients to make chef inspired meals and not be a contestant on Hells Kitchen?  This little peach! She loves getting to touch, feel and ask about her favorite veggies which end up in a delicious. meal at the end of the day! @everyplate will save your sanity when you run out of ideas on what to make for dinner!

We got three amazing chef inspired meals, put them to the test and the kids were licking their fingers! Not to mention, when the house smells like good food is on the works, nothing else matters!  We made the yummiest steak, soup and meatball plates over the weekend and I am still dreaming about how easy it was to follow simple directions to make a meal even Gordon Ramsay will say “You $%#@ this is delicious!” And so so affordable! Click on HERE to get yours and use code TINSLEYANDCO for free SIX meals!!

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