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Women supporting women through shoes!

In this house, it has been declared that rainy days = pajamas all day long! At least for this little sweet pea… something about footie pajamas that just make her extra cuddly! And while I chase her around I wear the lightest and daintiest pair of Fuchsia’s these gorgeous little shoes are made by Pakistani artisan women & men that take about one whole month to finish a pair! Their craftsmanship has been passed down through generations!

Their workshop is located an hour away from the third most populous and major industrial city in Pakistan. The workshop is relatively small in comparison to surrounding factories and they solely makes shoes for Fuchsia which helps their workers have a sustainable living throughout the year. <–Major props!

The quality and detail of the leather&knit that goes into each pair of khussa shoes is nothing short of amazing. The leather in the shoe and the threads to make the designs are made from locally sourced materials that support the regional economy where these shoes are made as well.

img_2877And I’m all for supporting other women and men around the world, that make a living for their families!
So happy to support a company that cares so much about their artisans and their country!
Once reading their story, they stuck with me and I’m considering a second pair! They are crazy comfortable and so light! Perfect for a breezy day out at the beach, picnic, even a long day at work!

Check out their IG HERE and their website HERE!

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