Do you even wear jeans anymore?

A few of my local ig friends have told me how they’re fed up with this weather and they’re tots ready for spring. Y’all are crazy! If I could have gloomy weather 10 months out of the year, I’d be a happy camper!

This weekend we had a gnarly storm that ripped our gazebo apart but if my cozy weather! And when it’s cozy, do you even wear jeans? Heck no! It’s leggings and lounge wear all👏🏻day👏🏻long👏🏻!

These leggings are life friends! The mama who owns this boutique told me “I’m warning you, you’ll fall in love with them” and bit was she right! They straight up feel like velvet inside, and move with you flawlessly without riding up or down. When I first got them, I kid toy not, I wore them three days straight🤣!

They have the cutest selection of supper affordable leggings that you need to check out!

Check out their website here and their instagram page! Oh man, saying I’m addicted to leggings is totally an understatement!

Do you wear loungewear around the house or are you a jeans person?

6 thoughts on “Do you even wear jeans anymore?

  1. Wow leggings are literally all I live in! They are so comfy when you find the right ones! Will definetly have to check out the link! Thank you for sharing this blog. So great!

  2. I love leggings and seriously have been looking for some new ones to get in my wardrobe!!! I am so excited to check these out!!

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