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Some Fall Favorites!

Hey all! (visit my instagram here)

I wanted to jump in here today and talk about some of my favorites that are making rounds EVERY day in my household! I say it now and I’ll say it tomorrow: It’s amazing how instagram has brought us to know new small businesses that we are able to support and have the cutest stuff! Without IG we wouldn’t have found them! and I am so grateful for that! I used to always say that Facebook was the best and worst invention at the same time! but with IG it is a different story. It has given me an avenue where I can express myself and share snippets of our lives, and made friends along the way, so to me IG was indeed the best invention since sliced bread haha! Ok! so there are a few items that when I posted them I got tons of questions so I am going to talk a little about them!

  1. Grace, not Perfection by Emily Ley. Ok, I know there’s a huge party going on about Girl, Wash your face… but I think this one deserves the same! This book is so engaging in how we need to take a step back, breathe and stop trying to me the damn perfect mom that no one will ever be! We are running ourselves exhausted, hangry (yes, hangry, lol) and frustrated because we are trying to do too much! And this is what this book is about. To stop, and with a little bit of faith, organize our lives so that we can be happy and run a happy home!
  2. Dani Naturals: I think I have talked about this before. Dani Naturals is seriously a life saver for my sensitive skin! I always want to smell “fresh to death” as my hubby says haha and their lotions smell so amazing! In the summer I was loving their tropical scent, but now that fall is upon us, I am using the lemongrass lavender and Oh emm gee! It smells so good and leaves my skin super soft all day long and surprisingly, I no longer have bumps on my skin from the season change!
  3. Kaya Biotics: Ok! Huge skeptic here when it comes to probiotics, because I always run in to someone sayings I need to buy hers, and the others are trash, or ones that I have taken that have made no difference at all. Well I decided to take the plunge and try Kaya Biotics after a blogger I follow totally raved about them. I must say they have started to make such a difference! I am no longer sluggish NEEDING that 3pm nap, I am regular and my tummy doesnt feel bloated or crampy! I definitely give them a ten! They also have different formulas for different things. Mine is geared towards slimming down? while I really want to try their Gut Health blend.
  4. Magnolia Home diffuser by Repurpose boutique: Holy cow, being a lover of plug ins for so long (and they aren’t good for you), I decided to order this one from Repurpose Boutique and I am so happy with it! I can place it in a room for an hour, and the room smells so fresh! Right now, it sits in my master room because I am all about it smelling like spa before I go into deep slumber. lol – Get 20% off using code – TINSLEY20
  5. Shoes by Mata: They are a smaller boutique on instagram that I found and they have the cutest shoes! I don’t wear high heels, so It is harder for me to find shoes that feel stylish while speaking comfort, so I decided to give them a try. And oh em gee,  I get compliment on my Mata’s all the time!
  6.  Taco Tuesday plate for bebe by Repurpose Boutique: Ok, Not really a “Fall Essential” but hear me out, Tinsley is the MESSIEST eater! and somehow hates to have her food have too many different textures, so I finally found a plate that has separations while having a suction cup underneath so she can’t be like “oooopsie” all over my nice hardwood! Taco Tuesday was for me hahaha! Get 20% off using code – TINSLEY20
  7. Kids Names necklace from Bip and Bop So beautiful! it has my three kids names in it and i love how it rattles a bit and makes the kids get close often to find their name. There we go, cute, dainty and educational, haha!
  8. Kids Names Rings from Slate and Tell. Needless to say, absolutely beautiful! The moms at my kid school were totally crushing over them! and If I get lost, they know who to call now 😉
  9. Essential Oil blends by Nature’s Fusions: Seriously a mind saver when I am at my most stressed (Think my work deadlines, tantrumy kids, soccer mom duties, chores, cooking, all in a small  hours window) I take my Eye of the Storm blend and seriously feel so much more calm a few minutes in.
  10. Bows by Aveline Rue: I couldn’t leave these out! I decided to order the mommy and me bows which are matching for mama and bebe but I started using mine before I even put hers on. Haha makes me feel really girly and for her, her hair is a wild beast that needs to be tamed so these bows totally keep her hair out of her eyes while looking extra extra cute!

Ok, so here they are! If I think of anything else, I will mention them on my instagram posts. If you have any questions, please let me know down in the comments or instagram! I am all ears!


3 thoughts on “Some Fall Favorites!

  1. Thanks for sharing these! I was in love with the necklace when you posted it and forgot to ask where it was from! And the plate. Haha! TACO TUESDAY! Love it girl!

  2. Always looking for new small businesses to support, so I absolutely love that you’re sharing products and services from small businesses! Also, I’m super interested in new probiotics (mine seem to work fine, but you never know if it can improve, right?) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dani Naturals is my favourite as well! And I will definitely be checking out Grace, not perfection as I loved Girl, wash your face 🙂

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