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Wearing her Kids on 45th Street outfit! All from Zara!

One of the coolest, absolute coolest things about Instagram is discovering cool new small businesses that totally fit your style and budget! And without IG, you would have never known about them! I used to think that social media was the worst invention in our recent years, mostly because people can’t see eye to eye without a phone in between their eyebrows or even make a real conversation without being behind a computer trolling or criticizing other people! But I became a blogger and this door to IG Narnia opened. Never had I ever seen so many cool little boutiques and businesses worth checking out and putting in your favorites and one of them is Kids on 45th Street! 

They are a Seattle based children’s boutique that sells gently previously loved clothing at a fraction of the price from their competitors, and amazing high end brands like Gap, Zara, Polo, etc… We got a box for the kiddos and I was so impressed with the quality of the clothing, the prices and what they pick for each one of my raisins! So let me first tell you what they’re all about!


Just like any subscription box, you sign up and take a quiz where you tell them who they will be shopping for. Once they have that info they will curate a box full of gently used quality clothing for them to wear. It can even work as a capsule wardrobe. We got about 5 T-shirts, 3 pants and 2 jackets, so they can literally use that for the whole season if we wanted to! The best thing is that items start out at $3.29, so seriously, cheaper than even my local children’s consignment store! Our box which was set up for Landon, Colton and Tinsley was about $68… For all of them! Basically $22 for a whole capsule wardrobe per kid!
kidson451We are seriously super impressed at the quality of the clothes. Some of them even had tags! and we got anything from Gap, Polo, Cat & Jack, Adidas, Old Navy, Polo and Zara! Their customer service is out of this world as well. Super responsive and attentive to when we got out package and wanting to make sure everything fit. I would say they’re definitely worth a look and a follow! And the best thing about this is that you are helping the environment by reusing gently used clothing that otherwise would either go in the trash or who knows where! I love what they are doing and how they keep their prices attainable to practically anyone! If you are in the Seattle area, be sure to visit their Brick and Mortar store and if you’re like me, far away from the dreamy PNW, then head over to their Instagram or check out their website here! I mean this is a score for busy parents that “Ain’t got time to do the shopping!”

Do you shop consignment for your kiddos or yourself? What do you think about a consignment subscription box? Comment below & don’t forget to comment on my IG post here and follow us!!

Happy Monday!


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