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Where are the donuts?

Yeees girl… that’s my question too…! Came for the 🍩, left with 🥧! Loving these fall vibes were getting lately… except they’re gone by 11 am and to shorts we go! Also… am I the only parent that has already heard “can we carve the pumpkins” about twenty million times?! I mean… it would be TOTALLY cool if you forgot, so we keep said pumpkin for fall decor to last us to thanksgiving🤣 #justforgetplease.

See that bag? Y’all… I don’t think I’ll do plastic or paper bags ever again! They’re from @apolis and they hold a ton of weight! And are supposed to last over 8 years! Whaaaaa! And they hold the weight of a screaming tantruming 4 year old… if you need it🤣 Loved these bags since I found them on IG… they’re sustainable, they last you for Years and they completely replace any need for paper or plastic bag! And if you’re in California, you’d be happy to save the 10 cents surcharge… Because you never only use one bag!

Here’s a little more on them:

They have already survived a few shopping trips and I’m not gonna lie… one screaming toddler who WANTED to be in one… um ok girl.. 🙈

I loved how they are structured so they are always formed and standing, so when the grocery store clerk loaded everything, everything fit like a puzzle and our vegetables were preserved much better! And honestly, you can even use them for an overnight at grandmas, laundry, etc.. they’re so cute, I have them on display!

You can also customize what they say on the front, or do their stencils which were pretty cool…! I also talked them into giving me a discount code if you want to get your own! Use tinsleyandco to save yourself from the shipping charges! So all you pay is for the bag! You’re welcome 💁🏻‍♀️

Have you made the switch to a sustainable bag, recyclable bag yet?

That’s all for today,

6 thoughts on “Where are the donuts?

  1. This such a stylish environmentally friendly option for multi-purpose bags! Thanks for sharing these cool finds and I’ll be sure to check them out! I’m slowly making a switch.

  2. Lovely bags but the little girl is the cutest! I suppose she is your daughter. I use similar bags like that already for years. They are strong and have a water proof lining in side. Great for the environment and they look good!

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