We are super excited to have partnered with kidbox to show you their fall styles! If you don’t know who kidbox is, it is a company that provides curated looks for your kiddos for a low price, no obligations, no styling fee and you only pay for what you keep! Basically, you take a quiz letting them know your kids fashion style and preferences, and they send you a complete box with 3-4 outfits they can wear for that season.
Say you only want to keep one outfit? You can return the rest for free, and Kidbox will charge you just for the items you choose and they will give you discounts for the items you keep, obvi. If you want to keep the whole box, then the discount is even bigger! They also let you donate to the charity of your choice when you choose to keep all the outfits! They work with high end brands such as:

Landon got three full outfits with Diesel, Paper Denim, Guess and French Toast. Colton got four full outfits with English Laundry, Paper Denim, French Toast, etc and Tinsley got four full outfits from brands I had never heard from before, that I checked and they have the cutest boutiques and are sold at high end department stores for double the price!
The cool thing about having these outfits delivered to our door was that I knew someone would take great care of us! Each of the kids got a stylist assigned that was super conscious on the items we preferred and curated a whole capsule look for them and they even wrote them a little note!hearticon The boxes were personalized, came with a little present each and the box itself is a coloring canvas! Talk about a greeeeat distraction free weekend for us parents! They colored both days! haha! The shipping was very fast and seriously, this beats taking the THREE kids shopping for clothing, having one, two, or three whine about having to try on clothes and walking over 10 minutes at the mall, am I right?! As the mailman dropped those boxes off, I could have sworn I heard angels singing on my ear, because the shopping was all done! Kiddos are super happy with their clothes and the sizes are pretty spot on! They also have different boxes that are more specialized to certain lifestyles or occasions, like Essentials (Underwear and more) and you can request outfits that would be more for uniform wear!
Best part about partnering up with Kidbox? They gave me a sweet deal for you to save on your first box! use code “TinsleyAndCo” for 15% OFF your first box ordered when fully kept! This will totally make a difference in yours and your kiddos life sans tantrums or second trips to exchange clothes that don’t fit! Check them out HERE!
whykidboxHave you used a service like this before? What were the perks about it? Let me know on the comments or on our feed!




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