A park play date or mama’s time off?

I must wonder, where do we draw the line between a park play date and a mama’s time off?! I mean hear me out! You’re still watching your kiddos, but having that adult interaction with another woman who is going through the same journey as you is so liberating! It’s Saturday, my husband isn’t home, so I text the bff and say “park?” She says “yes!” And while the kids play we chat, chat and chat some more… I swear it feels like I get more out of the the ordeal than the kids do! Having a bff on the same “motherhood ain’t easy, yo” page is so necessary!

What about you? Do you get more out of park play dates than your kids do? Also, why the heck aren’t we shifting our seasons’ dates? It’s fall but it’s 90’s… I don’t care. I’m still gonna sport my sweaters, more so if they’re my favorite ones I got from InhabitNY! Click here to check it out!

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