All It Takes Is a Sweater!

So sometimes all it takes is a gorgeous top that makes you feel like a million bucks, and an indecisive mind to wear two kinds of jewelry because #whynot and letting your two littlests make a huge mess in the baby’s room. It’s all good! On another note, it’s been brought to my attention (by me) that my medicine has made my hands and else pudgy and I suddenly need a jeweler to enlarge my wedding ring… is that possible? Haha I don’t know if to cry, laugh, or grab a cheeseburger! .
Are there work outs for fingers?🤣
have you had your ring enlarged? Was it pricey?

link to my top is here! shop @ Poppy and Dot with code Tinsleyandco for 10% Off!
allittakesisasweater.jpgWearing my three favorite things:
Necklace by: @katiedeanjewelry Top by: @poppyanddot and bracelet by: @jacynttazahn

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